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Are you a teacher, counselor, or administrator who has been accused of a sex crime involving a student?

Even if both parties consent to sexual intercourse, the law will not recognize that consent to be valid in certain professional relationship. Sexual misconduct occurs when one person in a position of power or authority takes advantage of that relationship.

It is illegal for a teacher to have a sexual relationship with a student. Schools are required to report incidents of sexual abuse of students by teachers, coaches, counselors, and other school district employees.

Additionally, members of clergy, public servants, mental health and healthcare services providers or employees of residential facilities are also prevented from having a sexual relationship with those people under their care.

If you are convicted, you will be placed on the sex offense registry, which will affect your ability to find work and will dictate where you can and cannot live and conduct your daily life.

If you are employed as a public or private school teacher and are facing allegations of misconduct or have been charged within an improper relationship with a student, it is imperative you seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

Experienced Teacher Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

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