Expunctions and Writs of Non-Disclosure

Expunctions and Writs of Non-Disclosure Attorney

Many people are arrested by the police, only to have their case later dismissed. Others refuse to give up and are ultimately acquitted of all charges. Others still enter into alternative sentencing agreements like a “pretrial diversion” contract with a district or county attorney’s office, and their case is dismissed at the conclusion of that agreement.

In such circumstances, a person is entitled to have all records pertaining to their arrest deleted or destroyed. This legal mechanism is extremely valuable for people finding it difficult to obtain employment in the face of background checks.

The circumstances under which you are entitled to expunge a criminal record are often very nuanced, and a careful examination of your case and the circumstances in which it was dismissed or otherwise disposed of should be undertaken by your attorney.

For other individuals who entered into a “deferred adjudication” plea agreement, complete expunction of the record is likely not possible. Such a person may, however, be entitled to seek a writ of non-disclosure pertaining to those records.

By petitioning for non-disclosure, you are asking to seal your arrest record so that only government officials and law enforcement will have access to them. While not as global as an expunction, non-disclosures can help people who are struggling with employment in light of an old arrest that resulted in deferred adjudication. Again, your eligibility for these remedies should be carefully assessed by an attorney. 

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