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At Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC, we are deeply passionate about our work. We believe first and foremost in the sanctity of individual liberty. Any time the government tries to take a person’s liberty away, it must satisfy a difficult and exacting burden of proof. Our role is to hold the government to that burden.  We will defend any type of criminal charge, and have worked on cases with very diverse facts, including:

murder, insider trading, federal export control, drunk driving offenses, drug crimes, conspiracy, sexual offenses, family violence, and deadly weapon cases.

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Criminal procedure is a complex animal. Even when two individuals are charged with the exact same offense, subtle variations in how the arrest was executed, how the property and effects of the person were searched and/or seized, booking procedures, grand jury proceedings, how the indictment or information was drafted, the time required to bring the case to trial, etc. can dramatically alter the “signature” of a case. No two cases are the same. 

A defense attorney must rely upon the rules of procedure and your constitutional rights to help you build a strong foundation for your defense. By carefully examining the case and preparing for litigation we strive to be sure that every defense and constitutional protection available to you is brought to bear on the Government.