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Nowadays, sex crimes are considered among the most contemptible of criminal offenses. Even a mere rumor that a person has committed a sex-related criminal offense can devastate their life and cause them to lose their job, professional license, spouse, family, and even their home. Penalties for sex crimes are equally damaging, with a wide range of offenses punishable by decades in a state prison as well as a lifelong reputation as a sexual offender.

There’s no question that crimes involving sexual violence are serious and public opinion is harsh. However, many alleged victims have been caught making false allegations for financial gain or personal gain. By the time the truth is discovered or the false accusations have been retracted, irreparable damage has already been done to the real victim: the falsely accused ‘sex offender’ who now has a criminal record despite being an innocent person.

Sex crime allegations in Texas are serious matters that can negatively impact your life. If convicted, you may have to pay steep fines, serve a harsh prison sentence, and be required to register in the Texas Department of Public Safety’s sex offender registry database. If you or a loved one has been charged with sexual assault, date rape, child molestation or a similar alleged offense in this state, you should consult with an experienced sex crime lawyer immediately.

Protecting Your Rights When Accused of a Sexual Offense

At Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC, the attorneys at our criminal defense law firm have extensive experience in handling all types of sex crimes, including those below.

Sexual Assault

In Texas, sexual assault refers to a wide variety of offenses, but is primarily understood as non-consensual sexual contact or penetration. A person facing these damaging allegations needs aggressive legal representation from a sex crimes attorney. In our opinion, those accused of sexual assault deserve a chance to defend themselves in court, and we will provide an experienced and aggressive defense.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

According to Texas Penal Code 22.021, you can be charged with aggravated sexual assault if you commit a sexual assault offense that involved physical violence, threats of bodily injury, coercion, and/or a victim who is elderly, disabled, or under the age of 14. Because a criminal conviction can be devastating, our legal team will do everything possible to mount a legal defense that fights the allegations against you.

Sexual Assault of a Child

The sexual assault of a child (defined in Texas law as anyone under the age of 17) is considered a horrific crime. Although many people agree that mere allegations do not establish guilt, the stigma of a statutory rape charge, even if unfounded, can destroy a person’s life. If you are being charged with sexual assault of a child, you must act quickly and find an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney. 

Date Rape

Texas defines date rape as non-consensual sexual contact with a friend or acquaintance against their will. Hence, date rape is also sometimes referred to as acquaintance rape. Date rape usually involves a someone claiming that they did not consent to sexual contact and is either unconcious or unable to physically resist. Often, a formal sex crime conviction isn’t even necessary to ruin your life and reputation: mere allegations can be highly damaging. A sex crimes lawyer at our law firm can help protect your rights if you’re accused of date rape.

Campus Sexual Assault

If you were accused of sexual assault by a college or university administrator, you should immediately contact an experienced sex crimes defense lawyer. Students facing this type of sex crime allegation often believe that if they tell their side of the story, the investigation will be dropped. However, this is rarely the case, and allegations of sexual assault or rape can result in an investigation by school administrators and expulsion from college. The normal rights that an accused person has in court do not apply to campus investigations; often there is no right to confront your accuser, no right to discovery, and no right to a lawyer to be appointed to represent you. If you are a student and find yourself being accused of campus sexual assault, it is imperative that you hire a campus sex assault lawyer.

Human Trafficking of Minors

Human trafficking has attracted public attention in recent years, especially when it involved sexual exploitation of children, and the Texas criminal justice system has moved aggressively to punish suspected offenders. When human trafficking of minors crosses state lines, Texas investigators work closely with the federal government to pursue and punish traffickers. It is crucial that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer if you are suspected of human trafficking: it could mean the difference between freedom and imprisonment, sometimes for life.

Solicitation for Prostitution

In recent years law enforcement has cracked down on “johns” that pay women for sex. The Texas Legislature has now passed the first law in the nation that make solicitation of prostitution a felony. If it is shown that the individual accused believed that the prostitute was underage or that she was underaged (even if the individual accused didn’t know this), it is a third-degree felony. The goal of our firm is to help you avoid conviction, including felony charges, prison time, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

Compelling Prostitution

The act of compelling prostitution involves forcing someone else to commit the offense or causing a child younger than 18 years old to engage in prostitution. These carry the penalties of a second-degree felony and first-degree felony, respectively. If you were charged with compelling prostitution under Texas Penal Code Section 43.05, call us immediately for a competent and strong defense.

Possession, Distribution, or Manufacture of Child Pornography

Being charged with an offense involving child pornography is not something to be taken lightly. If convicted, you could be imprisoned, fined heavily, and face a lifetime of stigma and limited opportunities. If you have been charged with possessing, creating, or distributing child pornography, a sex crime defense lawyer who has experience fighting child pornography charges can help you understand your legal options during this difficult time.

Online Solicitation of a Minor

The crime of Online Solicitation of a Minor makes it illegal to knowingly communicate certain sexual content to minors online, or try to induce or “solicit” a minor to perform a sexual act. If you have been charged with this alleged sexual activity, get a confidential consultation from an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to protect your rights during sex crime investigations.

Sexual Performance by a Child

The crime of sexual performance by a child deals with performances rather than sexual conduct. In this case, a “sexual performance” includes photos, videos, and live acts such as dancing. A person who is found guilty of this form of sexual exploitation can be charged with a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  Where the child is under the age of 14, it is a first-degree felony that can be punished by life in prison, so speak to an experienced sex crime defense lawyer before making any statement to a law enforcement agency.

Improper Visual Photography

According to Texas law, taking photos or videos for sexual purposes without the consent of the person or people being recorded is illegal. It is imperative that you speak to an attorney immediately if you are facing improper visual photography charges, as it’s a sex crime accusation with far-reaching consequences.

Speak to a Sex Crime Defense Attorney Today

If you’ve been arrested or believe you are about to be, get criminal defense representation before you talk to law enforcement. The consequences of going without legal advice when facing sex crime charges can go well beyond the courtroom because being convicted of a sex offense has so many hidden repercussions. For example:

  • Most jurisdictions require a sex offender registration even for the most minor sex-related offenses.
  • The prosecution often seeks years of jail time even for first-time offenders. 
  • Should you get divorced, your chances of receiving child custody can be greatly reduced.

Don’t face sex crime allegations alone. At Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC our sex crimes defense lawyers understand that sex crime allegations can be devastating to a person’s reputation, career and family even if the accused individual is ultimately acquitted of these criminal charges. As a result, we are dedicated to helping our clients build the strongest possible defense.

If you have been charged or are facing a sex offense charge, reach out to the skilled attorneys at Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC by calling (210) 202-1076 or using our contact form to schedule an initial consultation. Let us put the combined experience of our criminal defense team to work for you.

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