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In Texas, manslaughter is defined as causing the death of another person through an act of recklessness. The key element in manslaughter is the lack of intent to kill, which differentiates it from murder. 

Just because the charge isn’t as severe as murder doesn’t mean that the consequences are minor. Whether resulting from a lapse in judgment or a tragic accident, the implications of manslaughter charges in Texas are intense and can affect your life and liberty.

When facing the consequences of a manslaughter charge, you need a criminal defense team that will fight diligently on your behalf. At Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC, we understand the gravity of your situation and are prepared to defend your rights. Our San Antonio manslaughter attorneys handle these cases with professionalism and careful attention to detail, so call us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Why Hire Hunter, Lane & Jampala for Your Criminal Appeal?

If you’re dealing with a manslaughter charge in San Antonio, you need a skilled and experienced legal team advocating for you. When you hire Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC to protect your freedom as well as your future, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • Proven Track Record: Our law firm has a history of successful outcomes in manslaughter and other serious criminal cases. Our strong track record demonstrates our ability to handle challenging situations with skill and professionalism.
  • Aggressive Advocacy: Our murder defense lawyers are committed to aggressively defending your rights. We use well-reasoned legal strategies to challenge prosecution claims and spare no effort in presenting the best possible defense.
  • Transparent Communication: We maintain open and honest communication with you from start to finish. You will be kept informed about your case progress and our strategies at every step.
  • Strong Resources and Network: Our experienced lawyers have access to a wide network of expert witnesses and investigators whose expertise can be pivotal in manslaughter cases. We use their insights and experience to build a strong and persuasive defense.
  • Support and Guidance: A manslaughter charge can be extremely stressful. Our team not only provides skilled representation but also offers support and guidance to help you manage the emotional and practical challenges of the legal process.

At Hunter, Lane & Jampala PLLC, we understand how traumatic manslaughter charges can be. They often happen to people who have never run afoul of the criminal justice system before, and the prospect of a long prison sentence is frightening. If you or someone you love has been arrested for manslaughter, call us now to discuss your case. 

Manslaughter Charges in San Antonio -an Overview

As stated previously, manslaughter in Texas is defined as the unlawful killing of another person without premeditation or intent. It usually arises in situations where the individual did not plan or intend to cause death but did so through their actions under certain circumstances.

Texas recognizes three primary categories of manslaughter:

    • Voluntary Manslaughter: This type of manslaughter occurs when one person kills another in a moment of sudden passion that arises from an adequate cause. “Sudden passion” refers to intense emotional states like rage or terror, triggered by a situation that might reasonably provoke such feelings in an ordinary person. For example, this could occur during a heated argument where tempers flare uncontrollably, leading to lethal consequences.
    • Involuntary Manslaughter: This form of manslaughter happens when someone causes the death of another through reckless or negligent actions without the intent to kill. Common scenarios include reckless driving, careless handling of firearms, or other risky behaviors that unexpectedly result in a fatality.
  • Intoxication Manslaughter: Intoxication manslaughter refers to causing the death of another person as a result of operating a motor vehicle, aircraft, watercraft, or amusement ride while intoxicated. This form of manslaughter falls under the broader legal category of vehicular manslaughter. The key factor is the intoxication of the operator, which impairs their ability to operate the vehicle or machinery safely.

What Are The Penalties For Manslaughter In Texas?

Manslaughter is classified as a second-degree felony in Texas. As such, it carries severe penalties, even though it does not require intent to kill. The consequences include:

  • Prison Sentence: Those convicted of manslaughter can face up to 20 years in prison. 
  • Fines: Those found guilty may also be fined up to $10,000. This financial penalty is in addition to any prison sentence imposed.
  • Professional and Personal Impediments: A manslaughter conviction can severely disrupt your future. It may hinder your ability to progress in your career, secure loans for major purchases like homes and cars, and find suitable housing.
  • Loss of Voting Rights: Conviction leads to the loss of certain civil rights, including the right to vote. This loss lasts while you are serving your sentence as well as during any period of parole or probation.

Given the severe consequences of a manslaughter conviction, you should call a criminal law attorney immediately if you’ve been arrested or are under investigation. Be civil to law enforcement officials, but do not make a statement until you’ve had the chance to speak to a San Antonio manslaughter lawyer.

Common Defenses to a Manslaughter Charge

Defending against manslaughter charges requires a strategic and well-prepared approach by an experienced defense attorney. Here’s how your criminal lawyer might handle such a case:

  • Thorough Evidence Review: Your criminal defense attorney will start by carefully examining all the evidence presented against you. This includes police reports, witness statements, forensic data, and any video or audio recordings. Understanding the evidence is crucial to forming a strong defense.
  • Developing a Defense Strategy: Based on the evidence, your attorney will craft a solid defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances. This strategy might aim to show inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case or highlight evidence that supports your version of events. Because manslaughter is essentially a reckless killing, common defenses most often revolve around showing that the action which caused the death was not itself reckless or alternatively that the reckless action was not the cause of the death.

Possible defenses to a charge of manslaughter include:

  • Self-Defense: If you were protecting yourself from imminent harm, your homicide defense attorney might argue that your actions were justified under the law.
  • Defense of Others: Similar to self-defense, this strategy applies if you are protecting someone else from immediate danger.
  • Defense of Property: This can be applicable if you were defending your property from being unlawfully infringed upon or destroyed.
  • Insanity: Claiming insanity involves proving that you were unable to understand the nature or wrongfulness of your actions due to a severe mental disease or defect at the time of the incident.
  • Accident: If the death was accidental and occurred without reckless or negligent behavior on your part, your criminal defense lawyer might argue that there was no criminal activity involved.

Throughout the process, your murder defense attorney may negotiate with prosecutors to have your criminal charges reduced or dismissed based on the strength of your defense or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Remember: the stakes in a manslaughter case are high, and having skilled legal counsel is your best chance of a favorable outcome.

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